Life is good. Family. Friends. A career that you love. You couldn’t ask for more, but you deserve more. You deserve to live in one of Calgary’s luxury communities. You deserve more room for the kids to roam — inside and out. More space for cocktails and canapés on a sunny, summer afternoon. A neighbourhood in the country that’s still close to the city. It’s time to have every last little thing you know you’ve earned, so we brought them all together in one place.


Heritage Pointe – an award-winning developer.

Home is where the heart is. That’s why we pour our heart and soul into every stage of community development, committing to the highest industry standards. A value Heritage Pointe has seen through for over 25 years. Artesia at Heritage Pointe set out to create an executive community that would change the meaning of owning a home in the south Calgary Region. To redefine life without compromise. Artesia at Heritage Pointe is the latest chapter in a story that includes award-winning communities and the Heritage Pointe Golf Club.

Heritage Pointe 20 Years Artesia Badge

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What are the villas of Artesia like?

The Villas of Artesia is an executive enclave of attached bungalows in French Country and Provincial styles. Check out more information at

What does the amenity area include?

Two playgrounds, a play field, two tennis and basketball courts, toboggan hill, open spaces for Frisbee golf, volleyball, or soccer and a common gathering area for residents and their guests.

How will Artesia preserve the area’s quiet rural atmosphere?

More than half of Artesia’s 137 acres is dedicated to open space, wide-open country, water features, environmental and municipal reserves, several kilometres of pathways and a three-acre private amenity area.

Are the neighbourhood’s three water features purely decorative?

Not at all. They comprise one of the most innovative irrigation systems in Southern Alberta, collecting and filtering all the community’s rainwater before using it to irrigate common areas and homeowners yards.

Can we swim or boat in the water features?

No, the water features are part of the irrigation and rainwater management systems for Artesia. Swimming and boating are not allowed.

Are fences allowed?

If you are a Single Family homeowner, fences are allowed. Please refer to the Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines for more information. If you are a Villa owner, fencing is not allowed.

Is the Heritage Pointe Golf Club open to the Public?

Yes, Heritage Pointe is a public golf club. In addition to public green fee play, the club offers annual personal and corporate play packages. The Golf Academy and “The Loop” offer a three-hole course, short game and putting green for those golfers committed to fine tuning their game.

What kind of shops and services are available for residents of Artesia?

Retail shops, restaurants, and professional services are available at the Heritage Pointe Village Centre.

  • Kimmer Country Market with car wash and gas station
  • Crowfoot Liquor Store and Wine Boutique
  • DeWinton Pet Hospital
  • Pharmasave
  • Pizza on Pointe Restaurant
  • Dental Center
  • Dynamic Dance Studio
  • Heritage Pointe Medical Aesthetics
  • Tru Elegance Salon and Tanning
  • Stockmans Restaurant and Lounge
  • The Willows Lifestyle Spa
  • Heritage Pointe Chiropractic and Massage
  • Heritage Pointe Family Medicine

Within a 15-minute drive you will find big box stores including Home Depot, Costco, Lowe’s, as well as major grocery and drug stores. The South Calgary Campus is located less than 10 minutes north of Artesia via Deerfoot Trail.

What about property taxes?

Property taxes are paid to the Municipal District of Foothills No. 31. For more information, contact the M.D. of Foothills at (403) 652-2341 or visit their website at

Which schools are nearby?

Excellent public, separate and private schools from Early Childhood Services to senior high school are available near Heritage Pointe and serviced by school buses.


Heritage Heights School – Designated School for Artesia
32156 Hwy 552 East
Mailing address: BOX 80, Site 1, RR#1,
DeWinton AB T0L 0X0
Grades K-9 (403) 938-1400

Foothills Composite High School – Designated School for Artesia – Grades 10-12
229 Woodhaven Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A7
Grades 10-12 (403) 938-6116

Okotoks Junior High School
1 Pacific Ave.,
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A9
Grades 7-9 (403) 938-4426

Percy Pegler Elementary
(French Immersion available)
69 Okotoks Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2B1
ECS- Grade 6 (403) 938-4449


Optional for Extra Transportation Cost ($50):

Big Rock Elementary School
33 Hunters Gate,
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A4
ECS-Grade 6 (403) 938-6666

Dr. Morris Gibson School
147 Crystal ridge Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2B2
ECS-Grade 6 (403) 938-6221



Christ the Redeemer – St. Francis of Assisi (opened Sept. 2016)
#10, 32156 Hwy 552 East
Foothills MD, AB T0L 0X0
Grades K-7 (403) 938-2659

Continuing Catholic education is Holy Trinity in Okotoks

Holy Trinity Academy
53 Cimarron Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A6
Offers I.B. & French Immersion
Grades 9-12 (403) 938-8048

Good Sheppard School
52 Robinson Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A3
Late French Immersion available
ECS-Grade 8 (403) 938-4318

St. Paul’s Academy Virtual School & Okotoks Homeschooling Services
53 Cimarron Dr.
Okotoks, AB T1S 2A6
Grades 1 – 12 (403) 938-4119 or (403) 938-8046


De Winton Play Group & Play School
De Winton Community Centre
De Winton, AB T0L 0X0
Preschool (403) 995-0308

Open Arms Catholic Preschool
(403) 852-8273

Glenmore Christian Academy
16520 – 24 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2J 5G5
ECS-Grade 9 (403) 254-9050

Learning Experience
#10, 17107 James McKevitt Rd. SW
Calgary, AB T2Y 3Y4
Preschool-Jr. Kindergarten (403) 256-1417

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
RR #2, Okotoks, AB T1S 1A2
Grades 1-12 (403) 938-4431

The Calgary French School
6304 Larkspur Way SW,
Calgary, AB T3E 5P7
Preschool-Grade 6 (403) 240-1500

Pre K. – Grade 12 (403) 938-7670
Okotoks AB, T1S 1A2

West Mount School
240 Westland St.
Okotoks, AB  T1S 2J5
(403) 995-4824


Copperfield School
8 Copperstone Boulevard SE | Grades K-4 | Capacity 600 students

New Brighton Elementary School
30 New Brighton Drive SE | Grades K-4 | Capacity 600 students

New Brighton/Copperfield Middle School
Dr. Martha Cohen School
Grades 5-9 | Approved Capacity 900 students
Expected Opening | April 2017

McKenzie Towne Middle School
McKenzie Highlands School
Grades 5-9 | Approved Capacity 900 students
Expected Opening Date | Sept. 2016

Cranston Dr. George Stanley Middle School
Grades | TBD Capacity | 900
Expected Opening Date | April 2017

• Proposal for new High School on the D’arcy Ranch Lands that has been sold
• Proposal for new High School near Legacy Regional House
• Proposal for new High School in Aldersyde


Auburn Bay – Prince of Peace
Kindergarten – Grade 9

Kindergarten – Grade 6
Planned Opening: Fall 2018
Capacity: 750 (including modular)

Legacy High School
Grade 10 – Grade 12
Planned opening: 2017-2018 school year
Capacity: 1500

Is there mail delivery?

Yes, Canada Post provides regular pickup and delivery of mail. Mailboxes are located throughout the community adjacent to the street.

What about Police, Fire and Paramedic services?

Emergency services are available by dialing “9-1-1”. Police service for Heritage Pointe is provided through the Okotoks RCMP detachment. Firefighting services are provided through the new De Winton fire hall located in the Heritage Pointe Village Center (less than 5 minutes from Artesia), Midnapore and Okotoks. Paramedic services with “Advanced Life System” are provided by the High River Ambulance Service with dispatch from High River and Okotoks.

Which other utility companies serve Heritage Pointe?

The Utility Companies that serve Heritage Pointe include Fortis Alberta for power and their retailer, EPCOR. ATCO Gas provides natural gas services.

Does Heritage Pointe have its own community water and wastewater systems?

Yes. Heritage Pointe is serviced by Corix Utilities. The wastewater treatment system is also licensed by Alberta Environment but it is a non-regulated utility. Please contact Corix Utilities at 1-877-577-2112 for water, sanitary rates and services.

What about cable television?

Cable and Internet services are available through Shaw Cable and Telus Communications.

Is RV parking available?

Storage is available for RVs, trailers, boats and other recreational equipment within easy driving distance of Artesia. Recreation equipment, trailers, campers, boats, R.V.s and vehicles for towing cannot be stored within the community. A 48-hour parking limit will be enforced while loading and unloading. Residents may store this type of equipment in their garage for extended periods of time.

What is a building envelope?

The building envelope for our single family homes defines the space within your lot upon which you can build your home. Your home, decks, stairs and any fenced areas must be contained within the building envelope. The yard area outside the building envelope is considered as a setback area and must be landscaped but no structures of any kind are allowed in the setback area. This ensures an attractive streetscape and enhances the view corridors for all residents. The Villa homes have predetermined building envelopes.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are welcome. They may be exercised in all common areas, but must be leashed when outside the home. Residents are responsible for controlling and cleaning up after their pets at all times. There are no ‘off leash’ areas in Artesia.

What were the Artesia lands used for prior to being developed as a residential community?

The Artesia site was used historically for agricultural purposes, growing hay and cattle grazing country. In 1990 approximately 19 acres of the original quarter section was used to store wastewater from the original phase of the executive residential development in Heritage Pointe. The storage ponds were approved for this use by Alberta Environment and were fully lined using a high density industrial liner typically used for this type of activity. The wastewater was treated in the ponds and then the treated effluent was used for irrigating the land adjacent to the ponds.

In 2005, the site was decommissioned under the direction of Alberta Environment and our project engineers. It was then fully reclaimed in conjunction with Alberta Environment regulations and best industry practices. A final reclamation report issued by Alberta Environment is available for review through the Developer’s office.

What are the benefits of owning a Villa?

The main benefit is that you achieve a “maintenance-free” lifestyle while still enjoying beautiful custom designed features within the interior of an executive-style home. The year-round maintenance of your yard is taken care of by the Condominium Corporation.

Who pays for the landscaping of my lot?

If you are a Villa owner, the cost of landscaping and irrigation is included in the cost of your home.

If you are a Single Family homeowner, you pay for the cost of designing and constructing the landscape elements on your lot. The homeowner also pays to install the irrigation system in conjunction with their landscaping. Heritage Pointe Properties pays for the cost of designing your irrigation system based on your approved landscape plan.

What is the monthly condominium contributions within the bungalow villas?

The current estimated condominium contributions for the bungalow villas within Artesia are approximately $500/month.

What services are included in the villa condominium fees?

Your condominium fees cover seasonal maintenance of driveways, including snow removal, ice management and yard maintenance as well as insurance.

What does the Condominium Corporation do?

As a resident of The Villas in Artesia you are automatically a member of the Artesia Condominium Corporation. Membership in the Condominium Corporation gives you a direct say in the aesthetics of your neighbourhood, the manner in which your yard and the common areas are maintained, and you are assured that any activities which might affect your property value or lifestyle are carefully managed.

What does bare land condominium ownership mean?

The Villa home sites in Artesia are being sold as “bare land condominium” units of land. This means when you purchase your home you acquire an interest in your lot and an equal interest in the green spaces within the Villas at Artesia.

Is there a home owners association for Artesia?

Yes, The Artesia Home Owners Association (AHOA), with the assistance of a professional community manager, has been created. A resident Board of Managers executive is responsible for ensuring all common areas are maintained to a high standard, including year-round maintenance of pathways, landscaping, water features, community amenities and the irrigation and rainwater management system.  The AHOA fee per homeowner is effective March 1, 2018 is $172.00 + GST per month.

What are the Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines?

To maintain the overall quality of the community and protect your investment, we’ve created Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines to which every homeowner and builder must adhere. For more details, please click the below links to download the full Architectural & Landscape Guidelines.

How can Artesia’s homeowners extend the developer’s sincere commitment to sustainability?

Artesia’s design guidelines incorporate many sustainable options for homeowners such as solar water heating, rainwater collection and natural landscaping elements.

Which Single Family Home builders can I choose from?

Our award-winning Single Family builders include Albi Homes, Homes By Avi and Augusta Fine Homes. The Villas at Artesia are being constructed by Calbridge Homes.

Albi Homes

Homes By Avi

Augusta Fine Homes

Calbridge Homes
587.352.4291 – Villas

Will my home in Artesia have a great view?

Committing more than half the neighborhood’s area to amenities and open space means every home site and Villa in Artesia will back onto green space, a water feature or amenity space, ensuring country views and executive-level living from every single home.

What kind of homes are available?

Single Family homes and Villas.

Those wanting a Single Family home will work with one of four of our region’s premier award winning builders. For those who choose a Villa style home, the semi-detached bungalows offered in Artesia will be unique in the marketplace with captivating exteriors and enchanting interior finishes and features.

What kind of lots are available?

Artesia offers walkout and “sunshine basement” lots. A “sunshine basement” lot is where there are much larger windows filling the lower level of the home with natural light and warmth rather than a walkout.

How will the homes in Artesia compare to those in other Heritage Pointe neighbourhoods?

Built by a select group of Calgary’s finest builders, the homes on Artesia’s true estate home sites will reflect the exacting craftsmanship and timeless styles Heritage Pointe is well known for – with the addition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style, whose clean lines and lower profiles feel right at home against Alberta’s rolling foothill country. One big difference though, is the availability of villa homes in Artesia.

Who is developing Artesia?

Heritage Pointe Properties is the real property division of Upper Lakes Group Inc. and has been developing Heritage Pointe, including the golf course, since 1990. Upper Lakes Group Inc. is one of Canada’s long standing marine transportation companies, is privately owned, and has been in existence since 1932.

Who would enjoy living at Artesia?

Artesia appeals to executives and families aspiring to live life without compromise; those who travel frequently, enjoy golf and other outdoor activities; families with active children who enjoy being outdoors, and those who want to live sustainably.